Self Directed

Foundation, 2018

My exploration into soap stemmed from investigating states of matter within the material world as the material demonstrates the process of changing from a solid into a liquid. I made my own soap to understand the making process which then led me onto exploring the ‘other side’ of soap. As research continued I became interested into how clean soap really is. When using a bar of soap, we leave it to dry in a warm, moist environment, a breading ground for infestations. To identify this learning, I created a black soap so when washing, your hands get dirtier and dirtier. The packaging for this soap had a hidden ingredients list. Further explorations of this included adding screws and nails into the bars which aimed to hurt you instead of clean and then hairy soap. The hairy soap began my fascination with the idea of delight vs disgust, with hair being something we take care of so cautiously when it is on our head, washing, conditioning and styling it yet as soon as a stray hair is found alone, it is seen as repulsive and dirty.