Scooter Safety

'Entangled Things' 

BA, 2018 (group project)

This collection of scooter safety ‘equipment’ began from entangling the identity of ‘electric scooter startup – regulations’. We were to develop our skills of critically engaging and exploring the complex networks, relationships, practises and actions that constitutes ‘things’. At the time of this project (2018), electric scooters were completely illegal on the road in the UK. When they’re driven on private land, it is required for the user to wear safety gear, in particular a helmet. To play with the idea of extreme safety, we created a bubble wrap suit and a cushioned helmet made out of toys, relating to the idea that adults may enjoy riding scooters due to the nostalgia. The restrictive jewellery pieces were a play on the knee and elbow pads children use on scooters, yet because ours were jesmonite, they kept your knees and elbows in the position to ride, unable to move freely.