Deptford Arches

'The Environment Keeps Happening To Me' 

BA, 2019 (group project)

‘The Environment Keeps Happening To Me’ saw us undertake two deliverables, a 1:25 model of the behaviour observed in our location, Deptford Market Yard and a 1:1 group intervention, considering and framing this around the perimeter of social vs selfish design. 


Since 1835, the arches have silently observed the life in Deptford and we saw this project as an opportunity to appreciate the rich history held by these structures. Otherwise only visible through a blue plaque, this installation offered a celebration of the past, a look back at forgotten times.The grade II listed structure now lives on as a crucial element of Deptford Market yard, a regeneration project by U + I, transforming a derelict site into a space for Deptford’s community. Working closely with U + I through meeting the head of marketing, renting out an arch and getting public liability insurance for the space was a great achievement of mine for this project. The 15 minute video below shows the installation within the arch.