An Alternative Colour Study: A New Matter

Self Directed

BA, 2020 - 2021

This project was born from an innate curiosity and urge for experimental making within the world of colours and materials. In response to this, two colour studies run parallel to one another, united through their use of the same material, Play-Doh. Yet where one explores the default state of the mixed material, the other avenue re-imagines, taking it out of the context of its original play-state.

The second exploration lies in the realm of a re-imagined material. Although the use of Play-Doh continues, I aimed to lose its associations with it being a child’s play material, re-contextualising it into a specimen that could be used as an alternative form of study. The continuous mixing that no longer used my hands allowed for uncontrollable colour ways, spreading into one another until an unusable blob was formed. As the colour mixes were pushed, many of the results replicated something living, a surface that was not flat yet also now more organic in colour.


To emphasise these mixes as if they were existing studies, real-life imaging techniques were analysed and replicated in a subtle manner to allude to the new colour study that could exist in the world of geology, astronomy, histology and more. The ambiguity of these colour studies and the Play-Doh being something more than what we understand it to be aims to demonstrate the fact that colour is not a precise thing. It’s changing, it’s living and it’s being redefined over and over again. 

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