Colour & Material Experiments

Self Directed

Foundation, 2017 - 2018

The manipulation of colour has had a key impression within multiple aspects of my work. Using colour in such ways, helps to alter the way we perceive things. This collection of colour experiments are pieces taken from multiple projects during my foundation degree whilst I explored different materials, for example, food.

We are surrounded by materials which we associate with notions of value: high-value / low-value. This work aimed to challenge the social and behavioural perceptions of everyday, low-value materials in our environment. To re-evaluate attitudes and responses to substances and the 'readily disposed materials' in our culture is a large task yet this experimental range of artefacts helps to start the conversation by regarding the communication of the ‘beauty’ in low-value materials that have been neglected for too long. 6 low-value materials were focused on within the tile-like pieces including, plastic, sugar, chewing gum and soap.