Béton Brut


BA, 2019 (self directed)

‘Escape’ required me to observe and respond to reality, finding and imagining opportunities for subversion, obfuscation and manipulation. With this, I chose to escape concrete, in particular, Béton Brut, raw concrete. A material that is to some, austere, bland and cold, to me is intriguing. For too long negative associations have dominated the public perception of concrete yet without it, our built environment and the history of architecture would be bereft.


The project began by playing with levels of access into concrete, in particular through my love for London’s brutalism. From viewing the sites through people’s windows, I developed a quick insight, a house viewing in an apartment at the Barbican. Following this, I began to map out the measurements of each room within my own bedroom to see how it would fit around my lifestyle. From photographing the angles of brutalist sites, designing a sims house and making zupagrafika’s of brutalist buildings, I finally made my own concrete in order to understand the materials process. Taking this, it led me on to my final exploration of escaping concrete, photographing my concrete and pasting on the walls of my bedroom, bringing the outside in and escaping into my own concrete haven.